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About this Site ...

This site is my effort to learn to create a website (so be gentle with a beginner). I have to apologise up front but some of the javascript doesn't seem to work with Firefox (at least the version I was using to test) so the expandable lists in each section don't seem ... umm .. expand. I know, it's a bit of a flaw but hopefully will be fixed in near future. So use IE for the time being, use Firefox if you want to see the light version of the site :)

Anyway, this site will turn into somewhere where I'll upload any scripts that I write that may be useful to other people. I got interested in writing scripts to try and speed up the repetative sections of the job. I was told by a colleague that vbs was 'the way of the future' so gave it a go. Quickly found I enjoyed the logical side of the language and haven't turned back. Have a look at the scripting section for some examples. I also discovered how simple it was to get data in and out of Active Directory with VBS and the scripts got a lot more useful. Which also brings up the other reason for this website, I figured it was about time I would put some of the scripts somewhere so:

  • They can be shared out to everyone else, so feel free to have a look around

  • I can get to them easily over the internet when I don't have them with me

Any other random problems, fixes, interesting information or how-to's that I come across or find the time to write will also find their way here. I'll try keep them under the relevant sections such as Active Directory or Exchange where possible otherwise have a look at the "Random" section and see if you find anything of interest to you there. I'll probably add new sections as I put up more information.

This site is mostly hand-written HTML with a little JavaScript running in the backround that helps out with expanding the sections. I'll be adding a section called HTML in the near future that lists the basics of how this site was put together and, if I learn any new tricks that I think are worth mentioning I'll talk about them there.