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Visual Basic Scripts
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Visual Basic Scripts (vbs)

Welcome to the script section! Here's a few scripts that I've written that may be of use to someone out there (to use, get examples\ideas from, or just laugh at). A lot of them were written try to fix a problem or do a specific tasks so there is code that's old, new and borrowed.

Apologies if I've borrowed functions and such like without mentioning names but once somethings taken, understood and incorporated into another script it's hard to pick out what is borrowed or not.

One last thing, I'm a perfectionist so a lot of the scripts I write are in a continous state of "work in progress", trying to improve their performance, remove any bugs, adding extra error capturing when I come across unforeseen situations or adding functionality. Any constructive suggestions are always welcome.

Anyway, enough of the waffling, here are some scripts for you. I hope to put some more up when I've got them generalized to work with little or no modification required ... hopefully.

  • Change Server local administrator passwords.
  • Software Asset Management Auditing
  • Exporting direct and nested members of a distribution group through the Outlook Object Model
  • Exporting Active Directory and Exchange information
  • Machine Audit
  • Did you logon using cached credentials or were you authenticated by a Domain Controller
  • Migrating a printer server and now you need to move the client printer connections?
  • Export the members of the local admin group
  • Add a user to the local admin group on a remote machine
  • Add a description onto a computer account